How we Work

IDIS aims to promote the engagement of individuals, families, companies, and communities in Philanthropy and Private Social Investment (PSI).

Families that seek to structure their philanthropy or PSI also open themselves up to the possibility of enhancing relationships among family members, strengthening and preserving values and, in addition, leaving a family legacy of social responsibility focused on impacting and transforming society.
Through corporate social investment, companies have the opportunity to identify investment strategies within a society which align with its values and core business. Social corporate investment allows for adding value to the brand, increasing customer loyalty, enhancing the capacity of recruiting and retaining talents, having a better organizational environment, and in the end, transforming the company into a protagonist for social transformations in the country.
Community social investment that makes community empowerment possible is also able to generate much longer-lasting social benefits. Success for the establishment and implementation of projects and programs for social community develop should be based upon valuing local resources and assets.

IDIS acts in a participative and customized manner, making new and effective tools available to invest resources in the social area, operating through four major fields: 

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is a nonprofit organization that holds the OSCIP title and helps philanthropists and social investors by way of technical support and the dissemination of knowledge. If you are a corporation, a family or a community interested in Private Social Investment, contact IDIS at