We help the social investor make tactical and strategic decisions. We support not only those who are just starting out with social initiatives, but also the investor who intends to improve his/her Private Social Investment (PSI).

Learn more about IDIS activities in these areas:


  • Identify the investor vocation for Social Private Investment (PSI)
  • Map the investor’s PSI actions
  • Research, benchmarking, etc.

Strategic Planning

  • Define PSI strategies and policies
  • Design programs and projects
  • Design action plans and support implementation

Foundation Structuring

  • Define bylaws (purposes and governance)
  • Structure the administration
  • Select and coach board members, directors, and staff
  • Incubate foundations and programs

Financial Structuring

  • Feasibility study
  • Resource mobilization plan
  • Cause-related marketing
  • Structure endowments

CSR Structuring

  • Structure CSR areas in companies
  • Volunteer programs
  • Design action plans and support implementation

Investors Training

  • Train and coach families, companies, and nonprofit organizations


  • Evaluate programs, projects, nonprofit organizations, and social business
  • Design indicators 

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is a nonprofit organization that holds the OSCIP title and helps philanthropists and social investors by way of technical support and the dissemination of knowledge. If you are a corporation, a family or a community interested in Private Social Investment, contact IDIS at