Grantmaking Management

We perform some or all of the social investor’s process, supporting him/her in managing partnerships with social organizations such as the management of international donations and donations in the workplace.

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  • Select nonprofit organizations (grantees) and/or social projects
  • Create bidding and awarding processes


  • Train and coach nonprofit organizations/grantees


  • Analysis of documents and activities of grantees


  • Monitor activities and expenses from grantees
  • Field visits

International Donation

  • Intermediate international grantmaking

Donation from within the workplace

  • Offer online tools where employees can donate to nonprofits and/or projects
  • Develop grantmaking reports for employees and companies
  • Design matching programs (counterparts)

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is a nonprofit organization that holds the OSCIP title and helps philanthropists and social investors by way of technical support and the dissemination of knowledge. If you are a corporation, a family or a community interested in Private Social Investment, contact IDIS at