IDIS is part of the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) Global Alliance, supporting philanthropists around the world. Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) is a nonprofit organization devoted to Private Social Investment development, with its headquarters in the United Kingdom and more than 90 years of experience. CAF supports donors – individuals, major donors, and companies – in order to achieve the greatest impact through donation.

CAF currently manages more than 2.8 billion Pounds (more than 10 billion Brazilian Reais) per year from donors and organizations, supporting more than 280,000 individuals in Great Britain.

CAF recently launched the Global Alliance, becoming the largest supporting structure in the world for philanthropists. Outside of the United Kingdom, CAF is also present in South Africa, Australia, Brazil (IDIS), Bulgaria, The United States, India, and Russia.

In Brazil, IDIS represents CAF resulting from a partnership established in 2005. From our office in São Paulo, we support CAF's international clients who are acting in the country and offer global solutions to Brazilian philanthropists.

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is a nonprofit organization that holds the OSCIP title and helps philanthropists and social investors by way of technical support and the dissemination of knowledge. If you are a corporation, a family or a community interested in Private Social Investment, contact IDIS at