We use advocacy as a tool to influence specific topics of Private Social Investment (PSI) and to support the promotion of public policies.

Learn more about IDIS activities in these areas:

Innovation and Public Policy development

  • Develop pilot projects to innovate, test, and evaluate social technologies that can be scaled up and become public policies


  • Mobilize stakeholders and develop actions to strengthen PSI

The Generation of Knowledge

  • Generate relevant information about PSI by identifying cases of success, research, and academic content

Dissemination of Good Practices

  • Share national and international knowledge and innovative practices to inspire and promote PSI through events, publications, media mobilization, etc.

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Established in 1999, the Institute for the Development of Social Investment (IDIS, in Portuguese) is a public interest non-governmental organization that was a pioneer in providing technical support and consultancy for social investors in Brazil and Latin America. IDIS facilitates the participation of individuals, families, companies and communities in strategic social actions that bring social change and help reduce social inequalities in the country. Committed to promote and structure private social investment as a tool for the development of a more equitable and sustainable society, IDIS acts in two ways: by developing proactive initiatives and by meeting the demand for technical support of companies, foundations, institutes, families and individuals.